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Below you will find testimonial from Supporters of the foundation, Responders and people that the foundation has helped or just stories that people have written about Ski’s Open Heart.


2014 Toy Delivery Thank Yous

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2013 Toy Delivery Thank Yous


May 17, 2013

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this with all who visit this site. on Sept 11th 2001 I with every other responder did what we do because we love our job we love america. Now most of us have developed cancer,lung problems,ptsd and numerous other problems. The sad part which we are grateful for are the heroes today that are fighting for us to get help.They are now rescuing the rescuers. Friends, the family that runs this great organization lost there Father,husband and friend to WTC toxins! They didn’t just hide there heads in mourning and move on. They got up and fought for US in memory of there Father. I cant tell you how many times During my career I saw such foundations like this and fundraisers yet I said to myself wow that’s really nice and what a shame someone had to die for doing what they love to do. While I sat in a Chinese restaurant or spent money stupidly. sometimes 50-100$ a week on things I could have lived without. when maybe I should have sent that money to such foundations as this one and the Feal Good foundation and so many more. I am ashamed. And God has shown me how iimportantit is to support such places. I now suffer with medical problems and cancer due to 9/11. And like every other responder who is out of work awaiting either disability or WTC health or Victims comp to help our families, we are losing our homes and apartments due to lack of payments to rent. utilities getting shut off. our kids eating a few days a week. little stuff like fuel for your car to get to medical appts. So I say to you now this above foundations name means the world to me and its true meaning. OPEN HEART! why cause these kind people who I don’t even know opened there heart to my family and helped us with our rent, food, and even had my water bill paid to avoid shutoff. SO READ THIS AND THINK HARD AND PRAY ABOUT IT. Friends please take time off from a expensive restaurant, hold off on that new IPhone. Donate and help these foundations. Do it not to feel good about yourself, do it cause you are helping the people that risk there lives everyday for you. Thank you and God Bless
~~First Responder Frank McBride

2013 Thank You Letters
Tribute to Ski’s Open Heart Foundation by Frank McBride
Tuesday’s Children, Dani Strike Zone Bowling Event (3-3-13) 
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********************************************************************************************************************May 7, 2013 

“On Sept 11, 2001 I was awakened by the screams of my wife as she watched TV and planes crashing into the WTC, I immediately got in my uniform and responded in Scranton PA to my ambulance. Within 12 hours we were deployed by FEMA to Ground Zero. I spent 72 hours straight stationed a few feet from the tragic PIT. I did my job and was damn proud just like every other American that responded. 12 years later I sit at home with cancer and lung issues and PTSD. I am disabled and awaiting assistance from disability and WTC health and Victims Comp. This process unfortunately is long and tedious. And as I wait just like other sick responders the bills rise. My children get hungry, my rent gets behind and utilities get shutoff. WHY? for doing what I love doing. Helping others as a paramedic.

But because of foundations like SKI’S OPEN HEART, who immediately came to my families rescue and sent much needed money we have HOPE now that we are not forgotten. If you are reading this and your heart is softened please continue your support to this foundation. A group of people who are now rescuing the rescuers.

Frank M.
Bladder Cancer

********************************************************************************************************************2013 Turn on The Lights NYC

Ski’s Open Heart Foundation is proud to support Turn on the lights NYC.  The 9/11 memorial lights are too amazing to only shine one night out of the year and Derek Coy and Avelin Dis are looking to change that.  They are looking to make a bright and powerful tribute that will be a permanent fixture of the New York City Skyline to remember the brave men and women we lost on 9/11, continue to loose, but also remember all of our nation’s veterans and troops currently serving in Afghanistan. To make a pledge, feel free to donate on our donation page or go to the kick starter page to make a donation directly to the Turn on the lights project. Let’s help them make these lights shine all year round.

Thank you Ski’s Open Heart from Derek Coy

********************************************************************************************************************2012 Toy Delivery Thank Yous

********************************************************************************************************************October 12, 2012

Dear Skis Open Heart Foundation,

We want to personally thank you for the financial assistance to help my husband and I pay our basic bills. We both were 9/11 responder’s in Sept/Oct 2001.  We both have major health issues we deal with everyday. At this time we do not have any income coming in due to us both having filed Disability and awaiting news. We love the shirts that you sent us and will wear them proudly.  Without your help, we would have lost a vital part of our everyday living.Thank you again for all you do to help people in their time need.

Your’s Truly,
Two very thankful First Responders

November 9, 2012

Quick story…this is why EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON…and if u have ever watched the show on Fox Called “touch” it basically is the moral of my story events that lead up to other events occur everyday for a reason and unexpected things happen.

I was informed by a friend that the foundation that he volunteers at, Ski’s Open Heart Foundation, (that will be doing a big event at Canz Patchogue soon) that they had many items that I was asking for in the warehouse in Holbrook where they have been collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This conversation was the day of winter storm and I couldn’t get there to get the items. My friend in Massapequa called me saying his town was desperate for blankets and winter jackets. I got them in contact with the foundation and the next day they all arranged to get what was needed and made that location very happy and the community as well.

While waiting for the truck to deliver a friend of mine met a lady that was looking for baby formula DESPERATELY needed for her daughter and NO ONE had it. That friend had a contact of someone who had it. Long story short, the same foundation made a phone call and 2 cases were surprisingly brought to this lady, who then was crying hysterical in joy and happy she was able to take care of her newborn.

These things all happen and are planned out that way and its such a good feeling for something like this to occur unexpectedly just waiting for the delivery of clothing to come now an infant was saved from starving having no home at the moment

I still cant believe how everyone has come together on this issue and if it wasn’t for neighbors friends and strangers , who know what would of happened since we had a bad response from our government.  Thank you to Ski’s Open Heart Foundation, for coming through in a time of need.

~~~Chris Upton
********************************************************************************************************************November 17,2012

Dear Crystal,
I work with a friend of yours and I was blessed enough to get some things from your foundation after Hurricane Sandy.   Words can’t describe how grateful we are.  It’s foundations like yours that give people hope in there rough times.  My wife and really appreciate everything.
Thank You,
Two grateful Supporters.
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