Jacob Javits Center International Car Show 2013

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A Team of Camaros, owned by Thomas Grenier, Joanne Giordano, and Francisco Mercado, were on display during the 2013 International Car Show at the Javits Center in NYC.  The car named VSV-1 was displayed to raise awareness for 9-1-1 Veterans, Sgt Bill Mckenna Foundation, Ski’s Open Heart Foundation, and the PTSD.  VSV-2 was displayed in an effort to raise awareness for our veterans, police, firefighters, emergency responders, and civilians who responded to 9-11.  The mission of this “Rolling Tribute” is to get the word out so that the general public can see that our soldiers and first responders still need our help.

With the help of companies like NBTY Helping Hands and the collaboration of organizations like, Ski’s Open Heart Foundation, 9-1-1 Veterans, the Sgt Bill McKenna Foundation, the Rolling Tribute, and the many other volunteers and organizations we have come to know and work with, the missions of these great organizations will hopefully reach many more people and continue to help change the lives of a lot of people over the next few years.

Ski’s Open Heart Foundation would like to give a big thank you to Chris Delaney, Thomas Grenier, NBTY, Joanne Giordano, Fancisco Mercado, Dina McKenna and everyone else who has helped and continue to help us spread awareness to our Foundation.  I’ts people like you, that make this world a better place. Thank you!


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