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Welcome to Ski’s Open Heart Foundation. Our mission is to provide help to the September 11, 2001 victims, heroes, and their families.  As a result of the attack on our country, many of our fellow Americans became sick and did not have medical insurance or savings to cover the cost of their medical bills.  Once a person becomes sick, they often have to take a leave of absence from work or in certain severe circumstances, refrain from working altogether for the rest of their life.  Consequently, our heroes and their families are unable to afford to essentials such as food, shelter and clothes.  This Foundation concentrates on providing our neighbors, friends, family and fellow Americans who lost their lives or continue to suffer the consequences of September 11, 2001 with the resources necessary such as food, clothing and/or financial assistance.  The Foundation also continues the benevolent work of its inspiration, Mark W. Gajewski, by working with children charities, animals, and simply lending a helping hand wherever possible.  Helping people is a small gesture that everyone can do.

Visitors to this site can share their own personal stories, learn more about the foundation, purchase merchandise to support the foundation and donate to our great causes via the mail, online, or through up-coming events.

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