Cin’s Sweet Creations Book

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Cin’s Sweet Creations Book

Please to announce that one of our founders has been featured in an amazing book written by Cindy Mich of Cin’s Sweet Creations. Please show support and purchase for only $12.00 at Cin’s Book Site.

Here is a little insert from the book…

Crystal Gajewski is in the daily business of servicing souls both near and far. Bearing witness to her father’s (Mark Gajewski) always industrious example to herself and her sibling, spurred the evolution of Ski’s Open Heart Foundation. Their family as a whole is rarely an absentee lender of faith, hope or a hand to provide comfort in some fashion. The Foundation members are proponents to endowing mandatory life resources to the victims, hero’s and loved ones of the 9/11 tragedy. Mark’s civic responsibility, in his own mind, was to serve as a non-visible volunteer for humanity. When our nation felt disabled and distraught by the terrors of nature’s consequences, i.e Hurricane Katrina, he was first in line helping, foregoing his own wants.

For more please, purchase the complete book.

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